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Skip the Wait with DineTime®

Search for restaurants by cuisine, location or wait time. Found a place to eat? Great! Add yourself to the restaurant's wait list and receive a text message with your accurate dine time. No more standing around in crowded restaurants waiting for a table.

DineTime has launched in Louisville. Not in Louisville? Thanks for your patience. We will be going national soon.


Emmy® award winning reporter Brett Larson takes you inside DineTime

"DineTime is an easy-to-use restaurant guide that helps you find the perfect spot and skip the wait. Once you register, you can add yourself to the wait list, and DineTime will text you when your table is ready."

Brett Larson is a nationally recognized expert with innovative and breakthrough technologies. He looks for Killer Apps and how they can transform your life every day. Brett likes DineTime because it gives you the ability to use your time your way.